‘You can take the boy out of the laboratory, but you can’t take the laboratory out of the boy.’ (maybe somebody already said that? Don’t know for sure – but if so, insert their name here).

Michael Wharton works full-time as the ‘Sole Proprietor, Chief, Cook, and Bottle-washer’ at theCandidaZone(dot)com.

After obtaining his BS in microbiology from BYU, he worked briefly as a lab technician at Baylor Medical School, Houston, TX., then went briefly into the Army for Officer Basic Course at Ft.Sill, OK. Afterwards he returned to Texas and worked primarily in personal financial planning . He moved west eventually settling in Las Vegas, NV.

Working in construction in Las Vegas, he became aware of his own Candida health problems when he noticed various symptoms of candidiasis. Since that time he has been studying and re-learning about Candida with efforts to get some information out to the public via theCandidaZone(dot)com  about the fungus which he considers one of the more serious health problems of the current generations.